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5 Real Fruits You Can Use As A Hookah Bowl And Flavors To Use With Them

Did you know that you can smoke shisha tobacco using a piece of fruit? Not only is it true, but it’s also easy and super tasty! The experts at Euphoria are here to tell you everything you need to know about smoking from a shisha from a fruit bowl and the top five fruits to use for the best experience.

What is a shisha fruit bowl?

Shisha fruit bowls, also called hookah fruit heads or fresh heads, are made by cutting a piece of fruit into the shape of a shisha bowl. Once you cut the bowl, you’ll fill it with your favourite shisha tobacco and place it on your hookah pipe, and smoke as usual. Fruit heads provide the smoker with a fresh burst of flavour to compliment your shisha tobacco. They also look pretty cool! As long as you cut your fruit to function as a hookah bowl, you can cut any fresh fruit into any shape. 

However, there are few fruits we recommend for the best smoking experience.

  • Apple fruit bowl: Green apples offer a pleasant sour-sweet flavour and are ideally paired with melon, mint, and the berry flavors of tobacco. 
  • Orange fruit bowl: oranges have a distinctly sour-sweet flavour that pairs well with both fruit and berry and citrus flavours of shisha. However, orange is also super versatile and pairs well with any shisha flavour, which makes it perfect for experimenting with mixing shisha flavours.
  • Pineapple fruit bowl: Pineapples are great for larger smoking parties, thanks to their large size. With a bittersweet flavour, pineapple bowls pair well with most berry and fruit flavours of shisha,
  • Pomegranate fruit bowl: Thanks to a rich sweet-sour flavour, pomegranate pairs well with berry, chocolate, and coconut flavoured shisha.
  • Melon fruit bowl: With a delicate and mild flavour, melon fruit bowls pair well with most fruit tobaccos, and you can even add a little coconut or mint. 

Preparing the fruit bowl

Once you choose your fruit, it’s time to prepare it for use. Most fruit hookah bowls can be prepared for use in under 15 minutes. You’ll need the following tools: a kitchen knife, corer, teaspoon, absorbent paper towel, aluminium foil, and toothpicks.

Now it’s time to prepare the hookah bowl

  • Wash the outside of your fruit.
  • Cut off the top portion of the fruit and remove any cores (i.e., apple core or pineapple core).
  • Using a kitchen knife and spoon, remove the fruit pulp/flesh from the fruit, leaving about 1 cm of thickness to create a wall, so the bowl doesn’t collapse during use. Be sure to remove any seeds.
  • Take a dry paper towel or napkin and pat dry the inside of the fruit. This will remove any excess juice that will make the shisha tobacco soggy.
  • Cut a small hole in the bottom of the fruit (a little smaller than where you will attach it to your shisha pipe, as this will ensure a secure fit)
  • Line the base of the fruit with aluminum foil to keep your shisha from falling out of the bottom into your pipe.
  • Fit the smaller hole of the fruit bowl over the stem or ashtray of the male fitting on your pipe. If the bowl is too loose, wrap a layer of paper towel around the stem and test it again until the seal is formed.
  • Pack the fruit bowl with your quality shisha tobacco and enjoy!

Advantages of Hookah Fruit Bowls

There are many advantages to using a hookah fruit bowl at your next shisha session. Natural fruit bowls offer a natural aroma and flavour you can’t obtain with a chemical method. The fruit bowl can hold more tobacco than a clay bowl, and the natural fruit juices will help keep your shisha tobacco from drying out. This allows for a more extended smoke session. Not to mention, fruit bowls look fun and exciting, which adds to your shisha vibe and makes for great photos with family and friends.

Disadvantages of fruit bowls

Despite all of the advantages of adding a beautiful homemade fruit bowl to your shisha session, there are some disadvantages. Fruit consumes a great deal of heat. So you’ll need to keep the temperature high throughout your smoking experience. Since it takes hotter temperatures, your session will consume more coals and potentially more tobacco during your session. Additionally, it takes a little time to prepare the fruit for your session. You will also need to throw the fruit bowl away after each use (unlike a reusable clay bowl).

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