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Hookah At Home: Tips and Common Mistakes

When it comes to smoking the shisha, we all learn from watching and engaging with each other. While everyone has different preferences on how to prepare and smoke their hookah, there are common mistakes. The good news is these mistakes are avoidable if you stick to some common tips and best practices.

Tip: Start with the Right Tobacco

First things first, as you embark on your hookah experience, it’s essential to choose the right shisha tobacco. A common misconception is that you need to start with dark leaf tobacco. If you’ve never smoked shisha before, dark tobacco may contain too much nicotine. The hookah is meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Smoking tobacco with too much nicotine might upset your stomach. So start with a lighter leaf tobacco to ease into your hookah session. We suggest choosing one of your favorite flavours to enhance your experience.

Tip: Always Carry The Hookah By the Base

You might see people carrying their hookah by the stem, but this is a common mistake. Always carry your hookah by the base. Essentially, the only thing keeping the stem and the base connected is the rubber grommet. The water in your hookah is heavy, and while carrying the pipe by its base may seem more convenient, it’s a sure-fire way to shatter your base. 

Mistake: Overpacking the Bowl

One of the more common mistakes we experience with shisha smokers, especially new users, is overfilling or “overpacking” their tobacco bowl. In the case of hookah, less is more. When the tobacco is packed to full or tight in the bowl, it restricts the airflow. When airflow is limited, it can cause the tobacco to either not light or to burn unevenly. Not to mention, overpacking can cause the tobacco to burn too quickly. 

Mistake: Underpacking the Bowl

On the other hand, underpacking your hookah bowl can become problematic too. If you don’t add enough tobacco to your bowl, your session will be cut short or lack flavour. Underpacking can create a huge air gap between the flavour and your coals, which can prevent the shisha from receiving the right amount of heat needed for an exceptional hookah experience.

Tip: Never Use a Dirty Hookah

Before you invite your friends over to enjoy a shisha session, consider the last time you cleaned your hookah. A dirty pipe has all sorts of residue and stale flavours that will negatively impact the quality of your next smoking session. You need to clean your hookah after every smoking session. With a bit of soap, water, and a brush, you’ll be clean and ready to enjoy your next shisha session to the fullest extent.

Mistake: Placing Too Much Water in Your Base

Every hookah requires a different amount of water depending on its size, so it’s very common to overfill your base. The water works to both filter and cool the shisha smoke as it gets pulled in through the stem and up through the hose, resulting in a smooth smoking experience. 

Overfilling your base creates an unnecessary restriction, making it harder to draw smoke through your hose. We recommend adding enough water to submerge your hookah’s down stem approximately 1/2 inch in the water. Sticking to the ½ inch rule provides a smooth draw while allowing the smoke to be properly pulled through the water for the filtering and cooling process. 

Tip: Make Sure Your Coals are Lit Properly

Half-lit coals are no good! When you light your coals, you want to make sure they burn evenly to create enough heat to smoke your tobacco. This not only impacts the smoke draw and flavour, but partially lit coals also increase your risk of inhaling CO2 when smoking. Make sure your coals are fully lit and glowing red. On the other hand, you don’t want to overlight your coals (which causes them to shrink and impacts longevity). As you smoke, be mindful of your coals to ensure the ideal shisha experience.

Tip: Only Use Shisha Tobacco 

It’s essential you only use shisha tobacco in your hookah. Any other tobacco or substance will stain your pipe and hoses, making residue and smells hard to remove. While we’re on the subject, you should never add alcohol to the base of your hookah. Not only is it bad for your hookah, but inhaling alcohol fumes is also terrible for your health. You should also avoid adding ice to your base water. The ice will make the water colder, and cold water becomes super absorbent. Essentially, the ice will absorb all of your shisha flavour.

Mistake: Buying an Expensive Hookah

Larger and more expensive is not always better. A large hookah with a long stem does not guarantee a huge smoke cloud. When appropriately smoked, a small or mid-sized hookah will create large and flavourful clouds. The trick is to find a hookah that fits your style, preferences, and personal tastes.

Euphoria UAE

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