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Hookah Base Options to Enhance Your Shisha Smoking Experience

As you may know, smoking shisha is a very personalised experience. Whether you are smoking with friends and family or alone, mixing and matching unique tobacco flavours, using various charcoals and additives, customising your hookah to your personal preferences can be a fun and enjoyable experience. You may have tried a variety of shisha flavours, but have you ever switched out your hookah base option? 

There are a variety of base fillers you can use to replace the water in your hookah base. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless. Here are some of our favourites! 


Who doesn’t love coffee? Coffee in the morning, afternoon, and in the hookah too! Mix half water and half coffee into your hookah’s base and voila! You have a decadent taste that blends well with simple shisha flavours such as vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. 

Ice cubes

We know what you’re thinking: ice is water too, right? Yes, but ice gives your smoke session a whole different vibe! Smoke flowing over ice can create a cooling sensation on the inhale. As a bonus, ice cubes offer a neutral taste which makes this addition super versatile. Additionally, if you prefer more of a watered-down or mild flavour, adding ice cubes to your base is a great option.

Mint leaves

Mint is one of the most versatile tastes that beautifully mixes and matches with all types of shisha flavours. In addition to great flavour, mint adds a little bit of a cooling sensation that is both relaxing and refreshing. Mint pairs well with vanilla, chocolate, and fruit flavoured shisha. 

Frozen fruits

If a tropical taste explosion is what you desire, add your favourite fruits to your hookah base. We recommend slightly squeezing your fruit right before putting it in the base to let its flavour pop. This offers a cooling sensation and fresh fruity flavour. The ultimate question is, which shisha blends will you pair your fruit base with? Fruit compliments a wide range of shisha flavours and combinations.

Important things to consider when mixing new liquids in your base

Although all of these liquids are a wonderful addition to your hookah base, always be considerate of your hookah. Some liquids, such as coffee and tea, not only stain your base over long periods of time or multiple uses, but they can also cause damage to your hose. Additionally, you should always be attentive when using hot and cold liquids. Over time they may break down your hookah’s glass, causing long-term damage and breaking when you are cleaning afterwards. 

Always take into consideration what type of smoke you prefer, as thicker liquids will create thicker smoke inhalation. Burn times will also vary, as thicker smoke means a quicker burn. As always, do what you enjoy and reach out to us with all of your burning questions and concerns.

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