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How Do You Make Your Shisha Sessions Last Longer? 

Smoking shisha with friends is always fun, especially when you can sit, smoke, chat and snack for hours. Sometimes you need to refill, but typically when you’re in a hookah bar, the shisha feels like it might last forever! Are you struggling to get the same experience at home?  

The hookah experts at Euphoria have you covered. Follow a few of our favourite tips to

increase the longevity of your at-home smoking session.

Use High-Quality Shisha Tobacco

Finding high-quality shisha to smoke is a must when you’re looking to enhance the longevity of your smoke session. Shisha has leaves coated with molasses and glycerin that extends the life of the leaf as it burns. You may hear this referred to as being the “wettest” type of shisha. Additionally, after you’ve found the best tobacco, it’s important to store it properly so it doesn’t dry out. The dryer the leaves, the quicker they will degrade or burn. 

When shopping for tobacco, consider opting for dark leaf tobacco if longevity is the name of the game. Dark leaves offer a lighter heat output for more durability and a juicier flavour while smoking.

Choose the Correct Bowl for Longer Burning

A more shallow or narrower bowl, such as a phunnel bowl, allows for a longer burn. If this isn’t an option for you, underpacking a normal bowl will do the trick. Although you may want a narrower bowl, you don’t necessarily want a smaller one (since a larger bowl can hold more tobacco). Lastly, consider where the holes are located in the bowl. Bowls with one large hole at the top and smaller holes along the sides allow the shisha flavour to stay in the bowl, offering a longer and tastier smoking session.

Pack Your Bowl Correctly

Smoking sessions can be shortened if you don’t pack your shisha loosely. When the tobacco leaves are packed too loosely it allows for more airflow, increasing the longevity of your smoke. If the bowl gets packed too tightly, it quickly burns the top layer and leaves the bottom layer untouched, ending the smoking session sooner. 

Heat the Charcoal Thoroughly

We can’t stress this enough: let your coals heat up until they’re burning all the way through. You will want your coal to be an ashy grey colour before using it. Well-lit coals help extend the length of your smoking session because it allows them to burn as long as possible instead of burning out early. This will absolutely enhance the length of your shisha session. Other coal-related tips include placing them evenly along the edge of the bowl to help distribute the heat evenly or using accessories such as wind covers to protect them from burning out too soon.

Shop Euphoria for Your Hookah Necessities

Whether you are looking for a new shisha flavour to try or are looking to compliment your next event with a hookah experience, we can help ensure your shisha session lasts as long as possible! The professionals at Euphoria are the leading shisha catering company in UAE. We offer everything from complete sets and bundle packs for beginners to separate accessories and party packages for large groups. Our staff will deliver and set up everything for your shisha catering order, including tobacco, charcoal, and devices. No mess for you! Regardless of what you need, we have the products to make your next shisha experience a long-lasting and memorable one.

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