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How Long Does a Hookah Session Last?

Smoking shisha with your friends is always a unique experience. For some, smoking is all about trying interesting flavours. For others it’s all about the socialization aspect of the experience. Whatever type of experience you are looking to have, it’s important to understand how long you should expect your shisha sessions to last. This is especially important if socializing with friends is the main goal! 

Read below to understand what can extend or shorten the length of your hookah smoking session.

Bowl size and shape matters

This is an important point, the size of your bowl matters! Smaller bowls hold less tobacco and therefore provide users with a shorter smoke session. Likewise, a larger bowl holds more tobacco offering a longer shisha smoking session. Additionally, the variety of bowl shapes available to smokers can also play a role in how long the shisha session lasts. Bowl shapes to take into consideration include: Egyptian, Vortex, and Phunnel style bowls. 

Typically crafted with clay materials, Egyptian style bowls are one of the most traditional types and each bowl has smaller holes in the bottom. These small holes can reduce your session smoking time, due to their inability to manage the juices that naturally fall from the tobacco. They will slowly ooze through the holes and into the base, reducing the amount of tobacco you have left to smoke! 

In comparison, the vortex style bowl also has several small holes, but they are thoughtfully placed higher up in the bowl, allowing the tobacco juices to linger at the bottom for a longer period of time. While the funnel style bowl provides users with one larger hole that is placed similarly to the vortex, up higher. 

So which bowl style should you choose? That is totally up to your personal discretion. Some people prefer to have a longer smoke session, while others are fine with a quick hookah session.

Quality of shisha increases smoke time

There is a variety of tobacco products available to smokers. As we’ve said before, what you choose all comes down to personal preference. Shisha tobacco is often created with additives, such as honey, glycerin, molasses, and flavoring to create the perfectly flavoured blend. These juicy parts of the tobacco are what turn to smoke. Therefore, the juicier tobacco product should lead to a longer smoke time. 

The colour of your tobacco leaf matters too (i.e. a blonde tobacco leaf vs dark tobacco leaf). A blonde leaf tobacco is typically cut thicker and loosely packed, allowing it to burn faster. On the other hand, dark leaves are cut into finer pieces and more tightly packed, offering a longer smoke. As with the type of bowl you choose to smoke from, the type of shisha you smoke also impacts the length of your hookah session.

Charcoal preferences  

Managing the heat used during your smoking session can affect the length of smoking time. How? Because when tobacco burns hotter it will most likely burn faster, creating a shorter hookah session. Therefore, when choosing your charcoal, be mindful of your end goal. Are you okay with a quicker session? If so, a quick light charcoal is okay to use. Quick light charcoal is crafted with an accelerant to get it started quickly. This type of charcoal will burn at a lower temperature and create more ash.

If longevity is the name of your game, opt for natural charcoal. This type of charcoal burns hotter and takes longer to ash, resulting in a slower burn. It also creates a smoother smoke, as the accelerant in quick light charcoal can impact the flavour of your tobacco. There are plenty of other heat management accessories that can affect your smoking session as well. For example, you can consider using screens or wind covers if you are smoking outside. The key is to find what works best for you! 

Experience hookah with Euphoria UAE

On average, most hookah experiences last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, taking into account all of the things discussed above. Whether you’re in search of a brand new pipe, specialty charcoal, or are looking for a wide range of shisha flavours, the professionals at Euphoria UAE are here to help. 

We’ve got what you need, from complete sets and bundle packs for beginners, to separate accessories and party packages for large groups. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have got the high quality goods to make your next shisha experience a long lasting and enjoyable one. Unsure of what you need? We can help with that too!

Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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