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How to get more Smoke from Shisha

Smoking shisha at a hookah bar or at home with friends is always a good time. Sharing laughs, trying new tobacco flavours, and having smoke ring competitions never gets old. Which begs the question, how do you win that smoke ring competition? How can you get your hookah pipe to produce ample smoke so that your friends crown you the next smoke ring champion of the night? Keep reading to learn about some of our favourite smoke-enhancing secrets for your next hookah session.

Create the Ultimate Hookah Set Up

If you are smoking with friends and find that your hookah is not producing thick clouds of smoke, you can do a few things to ensure that your hookah is operating correctly. First, use a hookah bowl that is conducive to creating large smoke clouds. We highly recommend using a vortex or funnel-style bowl for optimal results.

Next, carefully consider the type of hose you would like to use because not all hoses are created equal! A smaller hose offers restricted airflow resulting in less smoke. If a big pull is what you are looking to achieve, consider a hose with a larger gauge and diameter. Lastly, consider other smoke-enhancing hookah accessories, such as a diffuser, water pipes, adding ice, and using putty or foil to seal any airflow gaps carefully.

The art of packing shisha 

Never underestimate the art of properly packing your bowl with shisha. A hookah bowl packed too tightly will restrict airflow, reducing the amount of smoke. For optimal smoke-enhancing results, fill the bowl for just enough airflow, preferably with tobacco that provides a high glycerin content. If your tobacco is super juicy, consider patting it dry just a little to help enhance airflow. After all, many smokers feel a juicier shisha offers a more dense and enjoyable smoke. We recommend trying several ways of packing to determine what works best for your personal preferences.

Perfecting Coal Temperature 

Temperature regulation is always a must for any shisha session, but especially important if more smoke is the goal. After you pack your bowl full of shisha, it’s essential to consider the type of charcoal you want to use to heat your hookah. We recommend natural coals. They offer non-chemical options, which leaves your hookah experience smooth and tasty. You may be wondering about quick lite coals. Although convenient, they are “quick lite” due to added chemicals. Sometimes these added chemicals can interfere with your tobacco flavour, ultimately disrupting your smoking experience. 

Additionally, many hookah smokers have had excellent results utilizing cubed charcoal. By using 2-3 cubed coals placed around the outside of the tray, you should be able to control your heat without scorching your tobacco. If temperature regulation is proving to be difficult, consider utilizing a heat management system. 

Euphoria UAE for your next hookah event

Are you a cloud chaser looking to create the ultimate smoke rings at your next gathering? Perhaps you are looking to remove the hassle from your next session. Why not grab a party package and have it shipped directly to your door? All you need to do is set it up and enjoy! If you prefer to skip the shisha setup, you can invite us to cater your next private event to include everything from hookahs, tobacco, charcoal, and on-site staffing for the entirety of an event. Shop today or contact us with questions.

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