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How to Smoke Shisha for the First Time

Smoking shisha for the first time is a fun, exciting, and flavourful experience. However, it can also be an overwhelming experience when you don’t know what you’re doing. Understanding how to set up and clean your hookah, choose the right flavours, and properly use your pipe can intimidate newcomers. The good news is that at Euphoria, we consider ourselves experts on all things shisha!

Let’s take a look at some of the basic tips and tricks to help you create the best experience for a first-time shisha smoker! 

Always Have a Snack or Meal First

Shisha is not as harsh as cigarette smoke, but it will certainly still enrich your palette and lungs with a flavourful taste of tobacco. Occasionally, smoking shisha can leave you feeling lightheaded or with a nauseous stomach – especially for newcomers. To combat these feelings, never smoke on an empty stomach, especially since you’re not sure how you’ll feel after smoking for the first time. If you are hosting first-time smokers, be sure to have some snacks or a light meal before you start your hookah session. Additionally, by inhaling lightly, you can control your shisha intake and prevent your stomach from getting too upset. After you’ve become a pro, you can adjust as needed.

Set the Vibe

If you’re smoking in a Hookah bar, the vibe is probably already set for you. However, if you’re hanging at home with friends, it’s up to you to create the perfect ambiance. Do you want relaxing or upbeat music? Dim lighting? Whatever suits your style, set it up and prepare your comfy chairs and couches for the experience of a lifetime, because it’s not only about the hookah session, but also about the conversation and memories made during it! 

Prepare the Hookah

After you’ve created the perfect ambiance, it’s time to prep the hookah. Always start with a clean pipe and freshwater! Removing dirty water and residue from the hookah creates a more pleasurable experience and will prevent you from getting sick from mold that could build up over time. We recommend adding enough water to submerge your hookah’s down stem approximately ½ inch in the water. Sticking to the ½ inch rule provides a smooth and airy smoke while allowing you to correctly pull the smoke through the water for the filtering and cooling process. Having too much water can make it difficult to get any smoke at all. 

To assemble the hookah, start by putting the hookah shaft onto the bottom base and the hose grommet and hose into the hose port. Lastly, slide on the coal tray and bowl (with bowl grommet) and get ready to smoke! Always remember to carry your hookah by the base. Essentially, the only thing keeping the stem and the base connected is the rubber grommet.

Pick a variety of Flavours to Enjoy 

As a first time shisha smoker, this is where the local experts at Europhia UAE can assist you. Ask our employees to recommend their favorite flavours or to tell you more about our top selling flavours. We recommend trying a few new flavours to try. You never know what you might like and over time you will surely settle into a favourite that will keep you wanting more. As you decide on your shisha flavour, don’t forget to pick up your other smoking necessities, such as tin foil, charcoal, charcoal burners, and any other preferred accessories to enhance your smoking experience. That’s it, you’re ready to enjoy some shisha! 

Euphoria UAE

Whether you’re in search of a new pipe, charcoal, or are looking for a unique range of shisha flavuors, the experts at Euphoria UAE are here to help. We’ve got what you need, from complete sets and bundle packs for beginners, to separate accessories and party packages for large groups. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have got the goods to make your next shisha experience an epic one. 

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