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The Best Drinks to Enjoy with a Shisha

Smoking shisha is a fun, exciting, and engaging experience to be enjoyed with company in a group setting or alone in the comforts of your home. This versatility is what attracts many individuals to try shisha to begin with. Smoking a variety of shisha flavours can be fun, but you may be asking yourself, how can I take this experience to the next level? 

Drinks! The right beverages paired with flavoured tobacco can feel refreshing to your palette, elevating your next shisha session to the next level. Keep reading to explore some of our favourite drink and hookah combinations.

Coffee with Shisha

An essential part of most hookah parties, almost everyone loves coffee! An affordable option for large parties, coffee can be made in large quantities and offers a basic smooth flavour that pairs well with various shisha options. Coffee also serves to neutralise the taste of more robust tobacco flavours. Even more importantly, coffee or espresso can be enjoyed almost any time of day, making it a go-to for any hookah event or cafe. 

Smoke with Tea

Who doesn’t love tea? A popular option in the Middle East, teas of all varieties can pair well with your shisha. Some may argue more simple teas (such as a mild black tea) may actually be enhanced after a few hits from the hookah. Tea is a great way to cleanse your mind, palette, and spirit. We recommend pairing your favourite shisha flavours with black, green, or light mint tea for an optimal experience.

Drink Milk 

While milk and hookah may sound like a strange combination, it’s actually quite good. An ice-cold glass of milk can help enhance the taste of your tobacco. Milk offers a creamy, neutral flavour between puffs and combines well with fruity, minty, and spicy tobacco flavours. You can even enhance your milk with a little cocoa powder in your drink to add additional flavour.

Shisha and fresh juice

A refreshing glass of juice can pair well with your shisha. We recommend serving freshly squeezed juices, as they do not contain artificial flavours or added sugars. Also, fresh juice contains more essential vitamins for your health. Consider freshly squeezed orange, pineapple, or grapefruit juice, depending on your tobacco flavours.

A fresh glass of water

Perhaps the number one drink to pair with your hookah, water will please every single time. It’s really a no brainer, as water can mix and match with any flavour of tobacco. Additionally, when smoking shisha, you should always work to stay hydrated, and water is your best option for helping with that. And of course, it’s also the most affordable option. You can even take it up a notch by adding fresh fruit, cucumber, or mint to your water pitcher. Just be sure to avoid carbonated or salty mineral water, as these types of water can reduce the flavours of your shisha. 

Hookah with Euphoria UAE 

As always, the perfect combination of shisha and beverage really comes down to personal preferences, so choose what you love and be sure to pair your tobacco accordingly. If you’re looking to create an amazing hookah experience with a wide range of flavours, be sure to contact the experts at Euphoria.

As the UAE’s premier shisha provider, we take pride in offering all things Hookah to our customers. Whether you are in need of a new pipe, want to try a new flavour of tobacco, need charcoal, or are looking for some on-the-go party packs or drinks, we’ve got you covered. Pick your favourite products and take them home to enjoy with your preferred shisha and beverage combination. 

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