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Tips to Maintain Shisha Hygiene

Smoking shisha is an enjoyable social experience that engages the senses while bringing family and friends together. Sitting in a comfortable space, chatting with friends, and sharing the hookah pipe are all part of the fun. Sadly, COVID-19 has threatened our daily routines and social activities, making us more cautious about social activities during a global pandemic that places us at risk of spreading germs. 

The experts at Euphoria are here to help you and your loved ones stay healthy while keeping the experience of smoking shisha alive and well. Here are our go-to Shisha Hygiene tips to keep you healthy and well! 

Always start with a clean hookah pipe

Starting with a clean shisha pipe is something you should always do, but it’s especially important when you are worried about exposure to germs. Cleaning your hookah and using fresh water before smoking shisha helps prevent build up of mold, germs, and other unwanted particles. It also ensures the best flavour during your shisha sessions, as dirty water can impact the flavour of your shisha tobacco. To learn more about how to properly clean your hookah pipe, check out our blog for awesome tips and tricks.

Follow basic hookah protocols

It seems like common sense, but many smokers don’t always follow basic shisha protocols. Never blow smoke in another person’s space. While this practice is courteous on a regular day, it’s especially important during a pandemic where you could be blowing infected air particles toward someone else’s face. As an additional precaution, smoke in a well ventilated space so your smoke rings can spread far and wide without impacting others.

Skip the rotation and sharing 

We all know COVID-19 is transmitted through the air, and any exposure to contaminated air could potentially jeopardize your health. The best way to decrease and avoid exposure to potentially contaminated items during your shisha experience is to avoid sharing the same pipe or mouthpiece. Sure, you may feel safe because your fellow smokers appear to be in good health. However, it’s important to remember that asymptomatic people (people without symptoms) can still spread their germs even when they aren’t feeling sick. While smoking shisha in rotation is typically the traditional way, it’s simply not worth the risk at the moment. 

Use disposable or spare hookah products 

We realize it’s not always possible to smoke your own hookah or to avoid smoking in rotation during your shisha session. When you smoke with peers, consider using disposable or spare products. It can seem like an annoying additional step on any regular day, but using disposable hookah hoses during the pandemic is an easy way to continue sharing the hookah experience with less risk of cross-contamination. Using a disposable or spare mouthpiece is another budget-friendly and quick way to reduce the spreading of germs. Using your own parts keeps everyone safe and ensures you can still enjoy your next hookah session with peace of mind.

Skip the smoking session if you’re sick

This seems like common sense, but illnesses, such as COVID-19 and the common cold or flu, can include a range of symptoms. If you are feeling sick, or exhibit symptoms (such as a fever, upset stomach, or congestion), skip the shisha smoking session. This not only helps you to avoid further harm to your personal health, but also prevents spreading your germs to others.

Properly store your hookah

The way you store your hookah is just as important as washing it and cleaning it. Make sure you dry you shisha before you put it away. Wet pipes can quickly become breeding grounds for mould and harmful bacteria that can impact your health. We also recommend checking the expiration date on your shisha tobacco to make sure it’s as fresh as possible. 

Euphoria UAE

Whether you’re in search of a new hookah pipe, charcoal, or are looking for a unique range of shisha flavours, the professionals at Euphoria UAE are here to help. We supply everything you need, from complete sets and bundle packs for beginners, to spare hoses and mouthpieces, accessories and party packages. 

Most importantly, we want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. If you are concerned about creating a safe environment for your next shisha experience, we can help.

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