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Shisha & Food: What Combination is the Best?

Smoking shisha is a pleasurable experience designed to be enjoyed with company. Picking and choosing a variety of flavours can be fun, but you may be asking yourself, what could make the experience even more enjoyable? 

Food! Complementary foods can feel refreshing to your palette, making your next shisha session a great one. Additionally, food before shisha can reduce the risk of nausea during the smoking experience. Keep reading to check out some of our favourite foods and hookah combinations and to learn more about which ones should be avoided.

Foods to Avoid

When pairing shisha with foods, you’ll always want to search for a complimentary flavour. It’s like brushing your teeth and then eating breakfast, there is just something about the minty toothpaste and orange juice that is appalling. Unfortunately, the same can happen when smoking a hookah too if you’re not thoughtful with your food and shisha combinations.

  • Spicy Foods – will dull your taste buds and senses and mask your tobacco flavour, making it a terrible option to pair with your shisha. 
  • Greasy and Fatty Foods– like pizza, kebabs, fries, etc., will sit heavy in the stomach and increase blood flow to the head and digestive system. This may cause increased dizziness and nausea (something you’re trying to avoid while smoking). Additionally, they can leave the hose greasy and sticky.
  • Large Meals – large meals are inconvenient and disruptive. You’ll be taking pulls from the hookah on a regular basis so you’ll want to be ready when it’s your turn. Additionally, when you’re sharing a hookah, you will want to make sure you’re able to keep food off/out of the mouthpiece. 

Foods to Enjoy

If greasy and spicy foods are off the menu, then you may be questioning what you can have. Small snacks and something that is hydrating, refreshing, and palette cleansing is what you’ll want to look for. Some of our most popular suggestions include: 

  • Fruit: is one the best things you could pair with your shisha! Fruit is sweet, tasty, and pairs well with a variety of tobaccos. It also cleanses the palate and hydrates the body, which is a must when smoking shisha. Some of our favourite fruits to pair with shisha are melons, grapes, apples, pineapple, and strawberries.
  • Vegetables: such as carrot sticks, celery, and cucumbers, are fairly neutral in taste, hydrating, and mess free, making them a suitable option for your snacking needs.
  • Bread products: naan and other breads are dry, easy to eat, and fairly neutral in taste which pairs well with shisha. This is ideal, since the mild flavour won’t take away from the flavour of the tobacco. Traditional dipping sauces that correspond with breads are okay too!
  • Nuts: such as almonds and salted cashews have their own strong taste. However they are neutral enough as to not stand in the way of your go-to tobacco flavour. As an added bonus, nuts are nutritious and filling! 
  • Snacks: a quick snack is preferable, as you can take a bite, cleanse your palette, and be prepared for your next turn on the hookah with minimal interruption. 

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